In her debut novel Ambushed, Nayanika Mahtani tackles the glaring issue of tiger poaching, while spinning a compelling story about man versus nature.

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10-year-old Tara, like most children (and adults!) gets all her thrills from a virtual world of fancy gadgets and gizmos, but the real world of Nature is far more exciting – and that real world is fast disappearing – while we watch without really seeing. Set in tiger territory in the Himalayan forests, Ambushed is a heartwarming adventure where Tara discovers the joys, thrills and dangers of the natural world, which captivate her more than any virtual world could ever do, completely altering the way she looks at life.

All royalties from Ambushed go towards a school for the children of former poachers in Ranthambhore, India, to give them a window to alternate livelihoods.