The One Where Tendulkar Tweeted About My Novel

I was at the supermarket, leading my wildly exciting life navigating grocery aisles, when my phone started beeping every few seconds.  As I squinted at the messages coming in from friends across the world, all I could make out was that Tendulkar had Tweeted and his Tweet included a photo of my novel! I frantically rummaged in my handbag for my reading glasses, discovered I had forgotten to carry them, abandoned the shopping trolley and dashed home to make sense of it all. It still seems surreal when I read Tendulkar’s words about Across the Line – they resonate so deeply with what I had hoped my book would convey. My abandoned trolley meant that we didn’t have milk or bread the next morning – but what’s a girl to do if Tendulkar starts Tweeting about a novel she’s written – you cannot check out; you just have to leave.